About Arms Around ASD

The mission of Arms Around ASD is to facilitate the growth and healing of the family as a whole.

The idea for Arms Around ASD came about in 2013 with the notion that all family members need support when living with a person on the spectrum. Parenting in and of itself is incredibly demanding. Add to that a family member who processes and communicates atypically and everything becomes that much more intense.

The mission of Arms Around ASD is to facilitate the growth and healing of the family as a whole. Arms is unique in that we provide services for the entire family including neuro-typical siblings and care providers. From our massage therapists, to our talk therapists, to our acupuncturist, to our occupational therapist, to our therapy animals, we all have our arms around autism spectrum disorder. Arms is one giant hug to families who seek our services.

In 2014 we received our nonprofit status and with a 100% volunteer staff we saw our first clients in January 2015. Grants, donations and fundraisers have taken Arms to the next level providing more hours and varieties of therapies, reaching more families and a freestanding center at 191 Charlotte Street.

From January 2015 to March  2017 Arms Around ASD provided all services at no charge. As of April 1, 2017 we are suggesting a donation for services based on 10% of the market value of the service. Clients who are unable to make a monetary donation may contribute by fulfilling one of the items on the list below. No one will be turned away for inability to contribute.

                Sweat Equity Possibilities            
Clean a bathroom
Vacuum an office
Wash a floor
Do some laundry (Must return next morning)
Clean glass doors or baseboards
Paint a room
Prep a room for painting
Come in early and set up mats for yoga
Create an art mural
Make beanbags & floor cushions
re-install light switch covers
Have another idea? Tell us about it!
Some jobs are kid friendly, it depends on the job, depends on the kid. Let’s discuss it.

Suggested Donation (10% of Market Value OR $25/month unlimited services excluding massage)

Acupuncture $3

Communication Skills Group $3 session or $15 for a six-week session

Dr. Janet $7.50

Guided Meditation $3

Happy Stimmy Dance $3

Massage Therapy or Massage Instruction $8

Moving Meditation $3

Pet Therapy $3

Psychotherapy with Martha $15

Stop-Motion Animation Creation $3/session

Tai Chi-Qigong $3

Talk Therapy with Michele $8


Yoga $3

Zumba $3

To RSVP or schedule services contact Michele Louzon at 828-775-8622 or armsaroundasd@gmail.com OR Cate Bergrud at 225-892-9829 or dagandcate@gmail.com