Wishbone Tiny Homes

has added us to their list of non-profit agencies that can be chosen by their customers when they buy a new home.  For each of their customers who designate Paws on ASD as their their non-profit of choice, Wishbone will donate $1000 to our organization.  Click on the link above to learn more about Wishbone and what they do.


(formerly known as Lucent Green Technology) installed a system for our offices that not only helps reduce our carbon footprint and our use of electricity, but it also decreases the noise usually produced when lights and other electrical items are being used, thereby creating a calmer and less overstimulating environment for our clients.

Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty

Asheville’s Neighborhood Realtor® — focusing on urban, historic and green homes in Asheville NC. Their values of respect, honesty, sustainability and community guide them as they serve their clients and help them find their next home in the place we live and love. Their agents are involved with at least one organization that works towards the betterment of our community. In addition to volunteering, Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty also gives back to the community through our Real Good Donation Program. Through this program, they donate to non-profits and charities like Paws on ASD.

Mosaic Realty

Rotary Club of Asheville

The Rotary Club of Asheville is a group of active, engaged citizens interested in making friends, building relationships, and giving back to our community.


Diva Deluxe Design

Diva Deluxe Design is dedicated to providing you with handcrafted, quality web site design. They cater to small to medium sized businesses and non-profits.